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# An alternative to removing S'chach is to put a tarp on top or below 4x4 [[Tefachim]] of S'chach as long as the tarp is within 3 [[Tefachim]] of the S'chach. <ref>Piskei Teshuvot Piskei Teshuvot 666:1 quotes the Bikurei Yacov 666:5 who says that using 4x4 invalid S'chach isn't sufficient against the Bigdei Yesha who permits but then adds that even the Bikurei Yacov agrees that putting a tarp 4x4 tefachim on top or below the shach within 3 tefachim of the S'chach is sufficient. </ref>
# It’s permissible to eat in the Sukkah after Shemini Aseret and it’s not an issue of Bal Tosif. <Ref> Rama 666:1 writes that it’s clear that one isn’t sitting in the Sukkah to fulfill the mitzvah after Sukkot and so there’s no issue of Bal Tosif, however it would be an issue on Shemini Aseret because it’s so close to the holiday. </ref>
# It’s permissible to eat or sleep in the Sukkah before Sukkot (erev Sukkot) and it’s not an issue of Bal Tosif. <Ref> Chazon Ovadyah pg 481 holds that’s there no issue of Bal Tosif before the mitzvah was done. Interestingly, Piskei Teshuvot 666:1 raises this issue (writes that it’s strange that no one addresses this issue) and concludes leniently and adds that it’s preferable to eat a meal or snack (KeBeytzah [[KeBaytzah]] of mezonot) outside the Sukkah after eating in the Sukkah to show that one clearly doesn’t want to add to the mitzvah. </ref>
==Nighttime meal==
# Many poskim say that one shouldn't start the meal until it is certainly nightfall (i.e. [[Tzet HaKochavim]]). However, after the fact, if one did start the meal before one should not make the bracha of Leshev BaSukkah if one is eating in the Sukkah. <ref>Magan Avraham 668:3 quotes the Maharshal who writes that one shouldn't make Kiddish on Shemini Aseret until it is nightfall so as not to enter into a situation where there is a doubt if one will be able to make the bracha of Leshev BeSukkah. Many achronim including the Levush 668:1, Chaye Adam 153:5, Kitzur S"A 138:4, Aruch HaShulchan 668:6, Kaf HaChaim 668:10, Mishna Brurah 668:7, Nitai Gavriel 85:4, and Chazon Ovadyah (p. 669) agree. Chazon Ovadyah writes that there is even more reason for this law in Israel. [The term that the Magen Avraham uses, "Ad SheTechshach" in context clearly means certain nighttime which is after Tzet HaKochavim. This term is also used in the Mishna (pesachim 99b) and there the Mishna Brurah 472:5 explains it to mean Tzet HaCochavim.]</ref>

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