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* However, the Maaseh Rav of the Gra (#248) recommends eating it in the morning. Kaf HaChaim 695:23 quotes kabbalistic reasons for eating Seudat Purim in the morning. </ref>Some have a minhag to eat a small meal the night of Purim. <Ref> S”A 695:2 writes that one doesn’t fulfill one’s obligation by eating a nighttime meal. The Rama adds that at night one should have a small meal. Pri Megadim E”A 695:6 presents different minhagim about having meat at the nighttime meal. </ref>
# The mitzvah of Seudat Purim is during the day and not the night, yet one should have simcha and a small meal at night (and make the meal of the day greater). <Ref>S”A and Rama 695:1, Mishna Brurah 695:3 </ref> If Purim falls out on Motzei [[Shabbat]] and Sunday, having Seudat Shelishit isn’t considered as having a small meal during the night of Purim. Rather, one should have a special meal for the sake of Purim. <Ref>Mishna Brurah 695:3 </ref>
# If one began the meal on Purim and ate past nightfall, one should still mention Al HaNissim in [[Birkat HaMazon ]] <Ref>S”A and Rama 695:3 </ref> unless one already said Maariv, in which case one shouldn’t say Al HaNissim. Some say that one can say it even after davening Maariv. <ref>Mishna Brurah 695:16 </ref>
==What should one eat at Seudat Purim?==
# Many poskim hold that one should eat bread and meat in the meal.<ref>

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