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==Covering the fire==
# One is permitted to leave food on a fire if there is a tray or metal sheet to cover the fire. Some adds hold that it’s preferable to also cover the knobs. <Ref> Magan Avraham 253:31 permits Shehiya in modern day ovens because the fire is covered based on S”A 253:3 permits leaving on the fire if there’s an empty vessel separating between the fire and the food. This leniency is sourced in the Maharil (Minhagei Maharil pg 36; see 318:15), Agudah, and Tashbetz 27 in name of Maharam MeRotenberg. Eliyah Rabba 253:31, Tosefet Shabbat 253:40, Shulchan Aruch HaRav 253:26, Mishna Brurah 253:81, and Chazon Ovadyah (Shabbat 1 pg 50). Chazon Ovadyah extends this to a stove and so one can cover the stove flame with a metal sheet based on Rashba and Ramban (Shabbat 36b) that partial covering of a fire is sufficient. Sh”t Zera Emet O”C 26, Sh”t Maharam Brisk 2:76, Sh”t Tefilah LeMoshe 1:37, Shem Chadash (on Yereyim 1 pg 58), Kaf Hachaim 253:11, Sh”t Maharshag 2:50, Sh”t Divrei Chizkiyah 1:2 in name of Mahari Shari, Sh”t Yashkil Avdi O”C 3:10(2), and Sh”t Ohel Yosef Parid 10 concur. Sh”t Igrot Moshe O”C 1:93 and Sh”t Tzitz Eliezer 7:17(3) adds that besides covering the flame it’s preferable to cover the knobs also. However Chazon Ish 37:9 argues on the Mishna Brurah from Rashi (Shabbat 37a D”H Gaba; quoted by Tur) who requires a covering over an empty space. Thus, a covering on our modern stove would still be forbidden. Chazon Ovadyah (pg 51), Sh”t Shevet Levi O”C 91, Toldot Zev (Shabbat 2 pg 192) argue on the Chazon Ish that Rashi is referring to a cooking on Shabbat in a way that’s unusual and so it would need to be a covering over an empty space but by Shehiya one only needs a reminder not to stoke the coals. See Bach 253:14 D”H VeDavka and Sh”t Maharam Shik O”C 117 who also make this distinction. </ref> 

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