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Special thanks is given to Rabbi Mordechai Willig, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva University, who reviewed each one of the articles below. <br>Here's a list of the articles that came out in the 5779-5780 year:*[[Introduction to Yuhara]]*[[Yuhara When There Is a Halachic Imperative]]*[[Giving a Baby Two Names]]*[[Naming Children After the Living]]* [[The Addition of Al Hanissim on Chanuka]]* [[Standing for Chazarat Hashatz]]* [[You Made the Cholent but Forgot to Turn it On]]* [[Ve'Avraham Zaken]]* [[Uncovered Water]]*[[Bishul Akum and Fit for a King’s Table]]<br>Here's a list of the articles that came out in the 5778-5779 year:* [[Weddings during Sefirat Haomer]]* [[The Bracha of Seeing Newly Built Jewish Settlements]]* [[Halachot of Zeh Neheneh Zeh Lo Chaser]]<br>Here's a list of the articles that came out in the 5776-5777 year:* [ The Halachot of Weddings] <br>Here's a list of the articles that came out in the 5775-5776 year:* [ Practical Guide to Shavuot] * [ Halachos for Professionals]* [ Practical Guide to Traveling]‎* [ Practical Guide to The Yamim Noraim]‎<br>Here's a list of the articles that came out in the 5774-5775 year:* [ Practical Guide to Chol HaMoed]‎* [ Practical Guide to Purim]‎*[ Practical Guide to Brachos]* [ Practical Guide to Sukkos]<br>Here's a list of the articlesthat came out in the 5773-5774 year:*[ Practical Guide to The Daled Minim]*[ Chanukah Packet]*[ Halachot of The Haggadah]*[ Guide to The 39 Melachos and Selected Halachos]<br>Here's a list of the articles that came out in the 5772-5773 year:*[ Issue 1 - Minhagim of Elul]*[ Issue 2 - The Mitzvah of Rebuke]*[ Issue 3 - Simanim on Rosh Hashana]*[ Issue 4 - Hadlakat Neirot Shabbat in Yeshiva]*[ Issue 5 - Trapping on Shabbat]*[ Issue 6 - Amirah LeNochri]*[ Issue 7 - Erasing On Shabbat]*[ Issue 8 - Bracha on Chocolate]*[ Issue 9 - Time to Light Chanukah Candles]*[ Issue 10 - Order of Lighting Chanukah Candles]*[ Issue 11 - Chanukah Candles in the Dorms]*[ Issue 12 - Leftover Oil from Chanukah Candles]*[ Issue 13 - Practical Applications of Tofer]*[ Issue 14 - Muktzeh Machmat Chisaron Kis]*[ Issue 15 - Muktzeh Machmat Gufo]*[ Issue 16 - Moving Muktzeh on Shabbat]*[ Issue 17 - Tanit Ester]*[ Issue 18 - When Purim falls out on Motzei Shabbat]*[ Issue 19 - Kashering Utensils for Pesach]*[ Issue 20 - Bitul and Biur Chametz]*[ Issue 21 - Shiur of wine at the Seder]*[ Issue 22 - Bosis of Muktzeh]*[ Issue 23 - Brushing Teeth on Shabbat]*[ Issue 24 - Amirah LeNochri for Maids]*[ Issue 25 - Eating Dairy on Shavuot]<br>Here's a list of the articles that came out in the 5771-5772 year:*[ Issue 1 - Bracha on Pizza]*[ Issue 2 - Opening bottles on Shabbat]*[ Issue 3 - Korbanot]*[ Issue 4 - Guest on Chanuka]*[ Issue 5 - Minhagim of Chanuka]*[ Issue 6 - Birkat HaLevana]*[ Issue 7 - Learning secular subjects on Shabbat]*[ Issue 8 - Removing a stain on Shabbat]*[ Issue 9 - Order of Brachot]*[ Issue 10 - Bracha on certain snacks]*[ Issue 11 - Practical applications of Borer]*[ Issue 12 - Zecher LeMachsit HaShekel]*[ Issue 13 - Mishloach Manot]*[ Issue 14 - Seudat Purim]*[ Issue 15 - Standing for a talmid chacham or elderly]*[ Issue 16 - Bedika and Mechira for Yeshiva students]*[ Issue 17 - Shiur of Matza at the Seder]*[ Issue 18 - Shaving during Sefira]*[ Issue 19 - When to count the sefira]*[ Issue 20 - Music during Sefira and Three Weeks]*[ Issue 21 - Practical cases of Koshair on Shabbat]*[ Issue 22 - Halachos of staying up all night]*[ Issue 23 - Preparing on Shabbat for After Shabbat]*[ Issue 24 - Heating up food on Shabbat]*[ Issue 25 - Electronics on Shabbat<br>On a number of occasions, Rav Willig commented that he enjoyed the articles and their thoroughness. He also explained that these articles did not represent his personal pesakim on the issues mentioned except where his opinion is specifically mentioned, in which case, it was always confirmed that the article represented his opinion accurately.

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