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==Birkat Hamazon==
#One is obligated to say ritze vihachalitzenu after eating seudat shlishit during birkat hamazon as well as adding yaale viyavo on rosh chodesh or chol hamoed. <ref> Yalkut Yosef Shabbat volume 1 page 410. </ref> This applies even if the meal continued past tzet hakochavim. <ref> Yalkut Yosef shabbat 1 page 414 </ref>
#If he forgot to say it and remembered:*## after finishing boneh yerushalayim but before the next beracha he should insert there a beracha instead of ritze "Baruch Ata Hashem Elokenu Melech Ha'olam Asher Natan Shabbatot Le'menucha Le'amo Yisrael Be'ahava Le'ot U'berit Baruch Ata Hashem Mekadesh Ha'Shabbat."*## after beginning the fourth beracha he should just continue and not repeat. <ref> This is because there are opinions that one is not obligated to eat bread at seudat shlishit and Mishna Berura 188:26 says that if the meal is not obligatory you don't return for missing ritzei. Mishna Berura 291:6 based on Shaare Teshuva 291:1, Yalkut Yosef shabbat 1 page 411. For the rules for the first two meals see [ Rabbi Mansour on]. </ref> for a women even if she remembered before starting the fourth beracha she may ## Women should only say the beracha without Hashem's name or just continue onwardeven if she remembered before starting the fourth beracha. <ref> Yalkut Yosef shabbat 1 page 412. </ref> 
#When rosh chodesh or the first day of chanuka falls out on sunday even if the seuda continued until after dark one doesn't say yaale viyavo. <ref> Yalkut Yosef shabbat 1 page 412. </ref>

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