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# If one is saying [[Shemona Esreh ]] and one hears the Shaliach Tzibbur reach Kedusha one should pause and listen but one shouldn't answer with the congregation. By listening to the Shaliach Tzibbur one fulfills one's obligation through Shomea KeOneh.<ref>S"A 104:7. This is based on Rashi Sukkah 38b D"H Hu who says that Shomea KeOneh makes it possible to fulfill one's obligation by listen and not answering. However, Tosfot D"H Shamah argues that perhaps listening is considered an interruption in one's [[Shemona Esreh]]. </ref> One doesn't need to raise one's feet when listening to Kedusha. <ref>Yabea Omer 6:16 </ref>

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