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__NOTOC__Here are some pages that relate to or tend to be associated with women in halacha.=='''Mitzvot Performed by Women in Halacha'''==* [[Positive Time Bound Commandments]] ([[Mitzvot Aseh SheHazman Grama]])* [[Challah]]* [[Shabbat Candles]]* [[Mitzvah to Learn Torah]]* [[Writing a Sefer Torah]] =='''Degrees of Separation Between Genders for Modesty'''==* [[Listening to a woman's voice]] ([[Kol Isha]]) * [[Seclusion of men and women]] ([[Yichud]])* [[Negiah]]* [[Modesty]] ([[Tzniut]])** [[Serara]] - Halachik debate over women in positions of leadership and authority =='''[[Niddah]]'''=====How a Woman Becomes a Niddah===* [[Attributing Blood to a Wound]] ([[Dam Macah]])* [[Bedika Clothes]] ([[Maarot]])* [[Hargasha]]* [[Ketamim]] (Finding a Stain)* [[Petichat Hamekor]]* [[Veset]] (Anticipating the Period) ===When a Woman is a Niddah===* [[Harchakot of Niddah]] (Separation while she's a Niddah) ===How a Woman Becomes Pure===* [[The Purification Process of Niddah]] ([[Hefsek Tahara and Shiva Nekiyim]])* [[Preparing for the Mikveh]]* [[Going to the Mikveh]]* [[Chatzitza]] ([[Interpositions Between One's Body and the Mikveh]]) ===Niddah Before and After the Wedding===* [[Preparing for the Wedding]] (Dam Chimud)* [[The Night of the Wedding]] (Beilat Mitzvah)* [[Chupat Niddah]] (If a woman is Niddah at the time of the Wedding)* [[Bedikot after Marriage]] ===Pregnancy and Giving Birth===* [[Pregnancy and Labor]]* [[Giving Birth on Shabbat]]* [[A Woman who Gave Birth]] (Yoledet)* [[Halachot of Nursing]]* [[Modesty During Tashmish]]* [[Abortion]] ==Mikvaot==*[[Mikvaot]]*[[Tefisat Yedey Adam]] (Water Drawn by a Person)

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