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# Planting of any amount is forbidden. The applications of this prohibition are planting, grafting, removal of obstacles to the plant, fertilizing, watering, spraying insecticide, putting seeds in water, and moving a plant in a bored pot. <Ref> Rambam Shabbat 8:2, Eglei Tal Zoreya 1,4-8 </ref>
# Pruning a plant, removing weeds from a lawn or garden, fumigating with insecticide, or removing rocks from on top of a sprouting plant are forbidden as Zoreah (because they all promote plant growth). <ref>39 Melachos (Rabbi Ribiat, vol 2, pg 271-2) </ref>
==Dropping seeds==
# One must be very careful not to drop or throw seeds, pits or cores of fruit or vegetables on the ground on Shabbat. <ref> 39 Melachos (Rabbi Ribiat, vol 2, pg 264) </ref>

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