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* Some say that one should think of the Bracha or at the name of Hashem and not verbalize it. <ref>Piskei Teshuvot 209:7, Kaf HaChaim 157:10, Vezot HaBracha (beginning of chapter 10, pg 87) </ref>
* Some say to read the פסוק of Vayivarech David until the words MeOlam VeAd Olam and then conclude the Bracha according to the appropriate ending. <Ref> Halichot Shlomo (end of chapter 22) </ref>
==Birkat HaMazon==
==Al HaMichya==
# If one had a kezayit of mezonot and is in doubt whether one made Al HaMichya, one should and may not go ahead make Al HaMichya out of doubt rather one should be careful to eat another kezayit (without a Bracha Rishona) and then make Al HaMichya. <Ref> Mishna Brurah 209:10 </ref>
==Alternatives to saying the actual bracha==

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