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==If you Forget==
#If one forgot in either [[Birkat HaMazon]] or the shemoneh esrei and has reached the name of Hashem in the beracha then he shouldn't go back, but as long as he still has not begun the beracha that follows it, he should still go back.<ref> Tur OC 682:1, Shulchan Aruch 682:1 based on the Tosefta in [[Berachot]] 3:12. Yalkut Yosef Moadim 238, Torat Hamoadim 9:12 by Rabbi David Yosef and Yechave Daat 5:49 say that you should not say lamdeini chukecha once you say Hashem's name because that would be considered a [[hefsek]], unlike the Eshel avraham 695 who says that you should say lamdeini chukecha. Aruch Hashulchan 682:3. Mishna Brurah 682:3 adds that this even applies if it is [[Shabbat]] and there is an obligation to eat, he should still not go back. The Bach 682:1 based on the Mordechai as well as the Ravya 563 page 284, however, disagree and say in [[Birkat HaMazon]] one should go back. </ref>
#If on [[Shabbat]] one forgot ritze and is therefore going to repeat [[birkat hamazon]] but also forgot did remember to say al hanissim which normally doesn't require repeating [[birkat hamazon]], some poskim say that in the second birkat hamazon he does not have to now say recite al hanissim in the repetition since he already said it<ref> Magen Avraham 188:13 and Shulchan Aruch HaRav 188:4 </ref> while others say to leave he should recite it outin the repetition.<ref>Chayei Adam Klal 154:39 and Sha'ar HaTziyun 188:21 </ref>
#If he forgot in [[Birkat HaMazon]] then in the section of Harachamans he should add הרחמן יעשה לנו נסים ונפלאות כשם שעשה לאבותינו בימים ההם בזמן הזה and then recite the biymei matityahu particular for [[Chanuka]].<ref> Rama 187:4 and 682:1 based on Kol Bo 25, Aruch Hashulchan 682:3, Yalkut Yosef Moadim 240. see [ Rav Hershel Schachter on Praying for a Miracle] </ref> and if it is [[Rosh Chodesh]] Tevet, then the harachaman for [[rosh chodesh]] should be recited first.<ref> Mishna Brurah 682:5 because whatever is recited more often should be recited first. (tadir vishayno tadir, tadir kodem) </ref>
#If he forgot in the shemoneh esrei he can still recite it before the second yihyu liratzon at the end of the shemoneh esrei.<ref> Mishna Brurah 682:4, Aruch Hashulchan 682:3. Yalkut Yosef Moadim 239 says that you should say there modim ananchnu lach al hanissim ... based on the eliya rabba 682:2 and Maamar Mordechai 682:3. </ref>

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