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#Some hold that in order to fulfill the mitzvah of adding from the weekday to [[Shabbat]] one doesn't need to make any verbal declaration, while others hold that one should verbally accept [[Shabbat]]. <ref>*Mishna Brurah 261:21 based on Rama 608:3 holds that a verbal declaration is needed and an acceptance in one's heart is insufficient. Shemirat Shabbat Kihilchita 46:2, Az Nidberu 1:1, Tehilah l'David 263:10, and L'horot Natan 5:15 agree. According to Rabbi Akiva Eiger 271:1 saying good [[shabbos]] may be enough of a declaration.
*39 Melachos (Rabbi Ribiat, vol 1, pg 150) writes that no verbal declaration is needed rather once one resolves to accept [[Shabbat]] early [[Shabbat]] takes effect. This dispute may be reflected in a dispute in Mishna Brurah 553:2, who quotes Bach and Gra that it is sufficient.
*Rav Doniel Neustadt in http[ Rav Doniel Neustadt] quotes Aruch HaShulchan 261:2, Eretz Tzvi 60, Yabia Omer 7:34, Chidushei Ra'ah [[Berachos]] 26b, Beiur Hagra O.C. 393:2 and Chayei Adam 5:2, Shevet ha-Levi 10:50, Imrei Shalom 4:18 as possibly holding that even just refraining from doing any melacha is enough for tosefet [[shabbat]] and you don't even have to have it in mind.</ref>
==Effects of Accepting [[Shabbat]] Early==

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