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==Yuhara When There is a Halachic Imperative==
#If one is doing a certain practice because one got a certain pesak from one’s rav or because it is to fulfill the basic halacha, it isn’t considered yuhara even if it isn’t the minhag.<ref>The Mordechai (Brachot n. 1) writes that since Rabbenu Tam held that if one said Shema after Plag Hamincha one fulfilled his obligation if one does repeat it later it appears as yuhara. Bet Yosef 235:1 argues that it isn’t yuhara to repeat Shema since according to many rishonim one didn't fulfill one's mitzvah. This is also his opinion in Shulchan Aruch 235:1 and Mishna Brurah 235:15. Maharil (Mezuzah 1) writes that one should put up a mezuzah in every room in one’s house and it isn’t yuhara even though the minhag was to only put up one for the front door, since that minhag is completely incorrect. Geonim responsa emanuel 161 reiterates this point stating that it isn’t yuhara to wear tefillin since it is a mitzvah even though many people fail to do so. </ref> Nonetheless one can only do so with the intent for the mitzvah and not to be [[arrogant]].<ref> Shulchan Aruch Hamidot v. 1 p. 123 explains that it is always forbidden to do something to show off, as that is a Biblical biblical prohibition of having גאוה even while doing a mitzvah. See Shulchan Aruch O.C. 565:6 who writes that someone who publicizes that he keeps voluntary fasts is punished.</ref>
##For example, according to Rav Schachter, it isn’t yuhara to wear [[techelet]] in a place that the minhag is not to because the primary halacha requires it.<ref> Rav Schachter ([[Yuhara_When_There_Is_a_Halachic_Imperative| Halachipedia Article 5780]], Ginat Egoz Siman 2) explained that since wearing techelet is halachically mandated due to [[safek deoritta lchumra]], there is no reason to consider wearing it yuhara.</ref>

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