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#One may not the husk from an ear of corn on [[Shabbat]].<ref>39 Melachos (Rabbi Ribiat, vol 2, pg 327-8) writes that according to some opinions it's forbidden. However, Halachos of [[Shabbat]] (Rabbi Eider, chap 8, pg 95) writes that it's forbidden (and bases it on the Maharsham 320:83).</ref>
==Removing shell Shell of nutsNuts== #One may remove the shell of nuts (pecans, brazil nuts, filberts, peanuts) on [[Shabbat]].<ref>39 Melachos (Rabbi Ribiat, vol 2, pg 324-5) , Chazon Ovadia Shabbat Vol v. 4, Pg p. 101 </ref>
#One may not remove the outer hull (a thick pulpy layer) of an almond or walnut on [[Shabbat]], however, one may remove the inner hard wood-like shell.<ref>39 Melachos (Rabbi Ribiat, vol 2, pg 325-6) </ref>
#There is a question of removing the outer thin peel of a garlic bulb on [[Shabbat]] however most poskim permit and certainly it's permitted to remove the peel around the individual cloves.<ref>39 Melachos (Rabbi Ribiat, vol 2, pg 326) </ref>

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