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#Cutlery of different kind (knife, spoon, fork) and of different functions (cutlery for dairy and cutlery for meat, a serving spoon and a regular spoon) constitute a mixture.<ref>Shemirat Shabbat KeHilchata 3:78,80 </ref>
#One is forbidden from sorting a jumbled assortment of toys.<ref>Shemirat Shabbat KeHilchata 3:83 </ref>
#Separating cards as part of a game is a question of borer.<ref>Rav Asher Weiss Shabbat p. 327 writes several reasons why it could be allowed to separate cards in order to play cards but concludes that one shouldn't rely on them which since they not brought in the earlier poskim. His reasons are perhaps one uses all of the cards equally, so it is considered one type (Rama 319:3). Also, the purpose of the separating isn't to accomplish anything since it is purely a game. Lastly, the cards aren't a food and some say that there isn't borer on non-foods (see Maharshag 1:54, 57).</ref>
#One may not organize a stack of papers in an order unless one intends on reading them immediately.<ref>Shemirat Shabbat KeHilchata 3:84 </ref>
===Putting books back Books Back on shelfthe Shelf===
#One is permitted to take one book at a time and return it to the shelf if one isn’t particular about which book one takes. However, one should not make a pile of books and put back the books even if one does it one by one. Lastly, it’s permitted to make a pile of books if one doesn’t return them to the shelf.<ref>Shemirat Shabbat KeHilchata (in the old 3:81, in the new 3:88) and Or Letzion (vol 2 chap 31:4) writes that one may take a single book and return it to the shelf since one has no concern about which book he picks up. The Or Letzion adds that it’s permitted to make a pile of books if one doesn’t return them to the shelf, however, if one made a pile and now separates it one by one it’s forbidden because one is taking something wanted from others that are not wanted temporarily. Sh”t Yabia Omer 5:31 permits returning the books to the shelf in any fashion. 39 Melachos (vol 2, pg 391) writes that two sefarim piled one on the other is not a mixture.</ref>
#One may not sort different books in a pile to put them back on the shelf, however, if one wishes to clear the table, one may pick up each book one at a time and place it on the shelf in it’s appropriate shelf.<ref>Shemirat Shabbat KeHilchata 3:81 </ref>
===Taking holy items Holy Items out of garbageGarbage===
#If one finds a paper with Torah written on it in the garbage, one may remove the papers and read them a little right away. However, if one finds [[Tefillin]] or [[Tefillin]] straps in a garbage, one may remove them.<ref>Or Letzion (vol 2 chap 31:2) writes that one is permitted to remove papers that have [[kedusha]] from a garbage if one uses it right away since that is considered removing good from bad with one’s hand for immediate use. However, if one finds [[Tefillin]] and it’s impossible to use the [[Tefillin]] on [[Shabbat]], one is still permitted because one is considered as having separated for an immediate purpose of giving respect to the [[Tefillin]]. Yalkut Yosef ([[Shabbat]] vol 3 pg 333) writes that one doesn’t have to read from the pages. </ref>

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