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==Repeating Words==
#It is forbidden to repeat words as part of the text of a bracha or tefillah even if that is necessary for a tune.<Ref>Vayisbor Yosef 2:12, Yalkut Yosef 101:2:6. Yalkut Yosef cites Maharam Shik OC 31, Yabia Omer 6:7:4 in name of the Ri Engel, Torat Chaim, Pekudat Elazar, Pri Hasadeh, Sdei Chemed, and Igrot Moshe as holding that one shouldn't repeat words even for a tune. He also cites Zikrei Yehuda 131, Eshel Avraham 51, Or Letzion v. 2 p. 78, and Aruch Hashulchan 338:8 that it is acceptable. Rav Elyashiv (Peninei Tefillah p. 33) writes that it is forbidden to repeat words of [[Hallel]] unless one didn't have kavana the first time. </reF>

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