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#If a majority of the leaves fall off the [[aravah]], it is invalid.<ref>The Mishna (33b) states that if a minority of an [[aravah]]’s leaves fall off, it remains valid. The Rosh (3:13) infers that if a majority of the leaves fall off, the [[aravah]] will be invalid. The Tur (647:1), however, cites the Baal HaItur as saying that as long as one leaf remains attached, the [[aravah]] is still usable. Shulchan Aruch (647:2) rules in accordance with the Rosh. Mishna Brurah (647:9) clarifies that this will only invalidate the [[aravah]] if a majority of the leaves within the minimum 3 [[Tefachim]] fall off. Chazon Ovadia (p. 318) writes that there is no difference between the leaves falling off on their own and someone pulling them off. </ref>
#The [[aravah]] is invalidated if a majority of the leaves are removed.<ref>Chazon Ovadia ([[Sukkot]] p. 324)</ref>
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