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##Ashkenazim should switch it, and hold the [[lulav]] in the left hand and [[etrog]] in the right hand. <ref>Rama (quoting the Rosh 3:25 and Rabbeinu Yerucham) 651:3. Rama adds that if a lefty held it as if he were a righty, he is still yotzei. see however, Orchos Rabbeinu 2:pg. 288 that the Steipler who was a lefty and Ashkenazi, followed the Shulchan Aruch and not the Rama's ruling. </ref>
#One should hold the [[arba minim]] against each other both for the holding and for the shaking. <ref>Shulchan Aruch 651:11 </ref>
#It is prohibited to have something [[separating]] between your hands and the [[arba minim]]. Therefore, one should remove one's ring and even after the fact if one shook with a ring on some say that one has to shake the lulav again without a bracha. <ref>Beit Yosef 651 says for those who wear [[tefillin]] during [[chol hamoed]] remove it for the [[arba minim]], although technically they don't have to because it doesn't cover the whole hand. Rama 651:7 paskins like this as well. The bach and the biurei hagra there however, both say that you must remove it because its considered a chatzitza as long as its not for the hiddur mitzva. Mishna Brurah 651:36 quotes some who hold that if one shook the lulav with a ring one should shake it again after removing the ring without a bracha. See Halichot Shlomo p. 224 who seems to hold that a ring isn't a problem since it only covers a minority of the hand and one could hold the lulav even without that area of the hand.</ref> It is permitted to leave your ring on though or if you get hurt and need to wear a cast or a bandage that you can't remove it you can be lenientwhile shaking the lulav. <ref>Halichot Shlomo p. 224, Chazon Ovadia 417-419 </ref># One may not use gloves to hold the lulav. Even after the fact one should shake it again after removing the gloves without a bracha. To avoid concerns of catching COVID one should santize one's hands before and after.<ref>Minchat Asher (Yerach Eytanim Biydan Corona n. 15), Mishna Brurah 651:33</ref>
==Naanuim (Shaking of the Lulav)==

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