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==Who is Obligated==
#This mitzva of [[arba minim]] is an obligation on every individual. <ref>Sukka 41b. Tosafot there says that since the pasuk says ולקחתם in the plural and not in the singular we know that it is on everyone. </ref>#Women are exempt from taking the [[arba minim]] because it is a [[mitzvah aseh shehazman grama]]. They are permitted and even encouraged to but while Ashkenaz women can say the beracha if they choose to do the mitzva, Sephardic women shouldn't say the beracha. <ref>Mishna [[Sukkah]] 28, Bikurei Yakov 657:5, Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim 640:1. <br> {{Bracha on Mitzvot Aseh Shehazman Grama}} </ref>#Women do not have to shake the [[lulav]] in all six directions as men do. <ref>Shu"t Rav Pealim 1:12 </ref>
#The obligation for children begins at the age when they can shake the [[lulav]] on their own.<ref>Sukka 42a, Rambam Hilchot sukka 7:19. The Mishna Brurah 657:1 adds even if a child is six years old, the usual age of [[chinuch]], if he cannot shake the [[lulav]] properly, one is not obligated to train him in this mitzva. </ref> When they reach that age, the father has an obligation to buy him a kosher set of [[arba minim]] that will be his own. <ref>Shulchan Aruch 657:1. Beiur Halacha there "kidei lichancho" adds that it must be kosher, and Iggerot Moshe OC 3:95 adds that it should be his own if possible. </ref>

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