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# If one started one's meal during Ben Hashemashot of Rosh Chodesh and finished it after nightfall one shouldn't insert Yaaleh Veyavo.<Ref>Piksei Teshuvot 188:19 based on Eshel Avraham 188:10</ref>
===A woman who Woman Who forgot Yaaleh VeYavo in Birkat HaMazon===# A woman who forgot Yaaleh VeYavo in [[benching]] should not repeat [[benching]] except on the first night of [[Pesach]]. <Ref> Sh”t Rabbi Akiva Eiger 1 says that women aren’t obligated in a meal on [[Yom Tov]] and so they don’t repeat [[benching]] if they forgot Yaaleh VeYavo. However, Sh”t Matat Yado MeHaTorah 21, Sh”t Sheilat Yacov 97, Pitchei Teshuva 529, and Sdei Chemed ([[Yom Tov]] 2:10) write that women would repeat [[benching]] either because the meal is an absolute chiyuv (as it seems from Tosfot HaRosh [[Brachot]] 49b) or because it’s it is a voluntary fulfillment of the mitzvah. Nonetheless, Sh”t Yabia Omer 6:18, Sh”t Bear Be'er Moshe 3:38, and Sh”t Shevet HaLevi 5:18 write that because of Safek [[Brachot]], a women doesn’t repeat [[benching]] like the Rabbi Akiva Eiger. <br>* Everyone agrees (Sh”t Rabbi Akiva Eiger) that on the first night [[Pesach]], women are obligated in the meal and would have to repeat [[benching]] if they forgot Yaale VeYavo. <br>* see [ Rabbi Yehuda Spitz ]at greater length </ref>

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