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#If Challah got cooked into other foods it makes them forbidden. If it is mixed with the same type of ingredient which is permitted everything is forbidden unless the permitted ingredient is a hundred times that amount of Challah. If it is mixed with a different type of ingredient which is permitted everything is forbidden unless the permitted ingredient is sixty times that amount of Challah.<ref>Ran Nedarim 52a citing the Yerushalmi, Tosfot Chullin 99a s.v. ein, Rama YD 323:1 all hold that min b'sheino mino is batel one in sixty by Challah. However, the Rambam (Machalot Asurot 15:30) holds that it isn't batel unless there is one hundred even for a case of sheino mino. See Rabbi Akiva Eiger (Frankel Rambam) who asks on this Rambam.</ref>
# If a piece of challah outside Israel fell into a mixture of food that doesn't taste like the challah it is nullified in sixty. Even if one is ensure if there's sixty it is nonetheless nullified.<ref>[ Maharash Engel 2:9]. Shulchan Aruch Y.D. 323:1 says challah of chutz laretz is batel brov and Rama says bmino 100 and eino mino 60. Rama has idea that you can be shoel on the hafrasha like any neder with a petach. The Taz 323:2 argues that you can’t be matir the neder since it is nolad and not charata mikara. One of his questions is if you can be shoel then why isn’t it a dvar sheyesh lo matirin even though it isn’t a mitzvah to be shoel (Nedarim 59a) but we say byado ltaken is dvar sheyesh lo matirin even when it isn’t a mitzvah as we follow S"A YD Y.D. 102:3 unlike Maharshal cited by Shach. Maharash Engel 2:9 answers that it is a petach but still not a dvar sheyesh lo matirin because before it was in the tarovet it didn’t have a petach and only became a dvar sheyesh lo matirin with sheyla because of a petach when it entered the tarovet. Since dvar sheyesh lo matirin doesn't apply when it wasn’t a dvar sheyesh lo matirin before it entered the tarovet this should be permitted. Then he considers that this idea only works for the Ran’s logic in dvar sheyesh lo matirin but for rashi that svara doesn’t make sense since you can still wait. Finally he concludes to be lenient because of a [[safek safeka]]. Safek there’s 60x and safek that it isn’t a dvar sheyesh lo matirin. He adds if it is 60x and it is mixed in eino mino there’s no [[dvar sheyesh lo matirin ]] since it is like it doesn’t exist.</ref># If one didn't yet eat the challah it is advisable to do [[hatarat nedarim]] to undo the establishment of challah and then take another piece as challah.<ref>Rama Y.D. 323:1 writes that it is permitted to undo the declaration of challah when there's a mixture without 101 to nullify the challah. Shach 323:7 explains that we don't do hatarat nedarim to undo a declaration of a mitzvah unless it is a case of extenuating circumstances (Y.D. 203:3) and this case qualifies as that.</ref>

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