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# Hatarat Nedarim may be done at night and with relatives.<ref>Shulchan Aruch YD 228:3 writes that Hatarat Nedarim may be done at night and with relatives. </ref>Some say that although Hatarat Nedarim may be performed if one of the judges is a relative of the petitioner, it may not be performed if two of the judges of the Bet Din are related to one another.<ref> [ Rabbi Hershel Schachter in a shiur on Inyonei Yom Kippur (min 40-2)] quotes Rav Aharon Soloveitchik as having ruled that while a relative could perform Hatarat Nedarim in front of a Bet Din with his relative as one of the judges, one may not perform Hatarat Nedarim in front of a Bet Din which has two judges who are related to one another. A support for this ruling is Rabbi Akiva Eiger (comments on Shulchan Aruch YD 228:1) who writes that while relatives can serve as a Bet Din for Hatarat Nedarim, a woman can't serve on such a Bet Din.
* However Rav Shmuel Wosner (M'bet Levi 5754, p. 15, n. 3) held that the judges could be relatives to one another.</ref>
# For all the details of Hatarat Nedarim on Shabbat, see [[Nedarim on Shabbat]]. In general, one should not do Hatarat Nedarim on [[Shabbat]] if the Hatarat Nedarim isn't needed for [[Shabbat]]. For a congregation there is room to be lenient regarding performing Hatarat Nedarim on [[Shabbat]] or on [[Yom Kippur]] itself.<ref>Chazon Ovadyah (Yamim Noraim p. 263)</ref>
===Yamim Noraim===# The custom is to do [[Hatarat Nedarim]] on [[Erev rosh hashanaRosh Hashana]] and [[Erev yom kippurYom Kippur]].<ref> Kaf Hachayim 581:12, Yalkut Yosef Moadim page 22, Yabia Omer OC 2:30, Chazon Ovadia Yamim Noraim page 42, Aruch Hashulchan OC 581:12 </ref>\# Hatarat Nedarim should be done by both men and women.<ref> [ Rabbi Eli Mansour ] </ref>

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