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====Laws of 13 Middot====
# The [[Selichot]] should be said with proper intent (Kavanah), slowly, and with humility, especially when one is reciting the Yud Gimmel [[Middot]] HaRachamim.<ref>Chazon Ovadyah (Yamim Noraim, pg 20) </ref>
#One should say the words "Vaya'avor Hashem Al Panav" together with the Shaliach Tzibbur quietly and then say the Yud Gimmel [[Middot]] HaRachamim aloud.<ref>Chazon Ovadyah (Yamim Noraim, pg 32) based on the Arizal </ref>#One should be careful to pause in between the two names of Hashem in the Yud Gimmel [[Middot]] HaRachamim.<ref>Kaf Hachaim 131:20, Ben Ish Chai Parashat Ki Tisa Halacha 11, Chazon Ovadyah (Yamim Noraim, p. 32), Yalkut Yosef (Moadim p. 14, 5748 edition) </ref># One should bow slightly when saying "Hashem , Hashem" in the Yud Gimmel [[Middot]] HaRachamim.<ref>Chazon Ovadyah (Yamim Noraim pg. 32) . Ben Ish Chai Parashat Ki Tisa Halacha 10 says that one should bow at the beginning of Vayaavor and straighten when one reaches the name of Hashem </ref># It is not necessary to raise one's feet as one does during Kedusha when reciting the words Hashem, Hashem.<ref>Ben Ish Chai Parashat Ki Tisa Halacha 10 writes that he found no such a source for such a practice but writes that he does it anyway because it doesn't hurt. Chazon Ovadia pg. 33 says this isn't necessary.</ref>
# One should pause between "Beshem" and "Hashem" in the Yud Gimmel Middot.<ref>Magen Avraham 565:5, Eliya Rabba 581:9, Mishna Brurah 581:4</ref>
# When saying the Yud Gimmel [[Middot]] HaRachamim one shouldn't count the [[Middot]] on one's fingers because there is a dispute as to which [[Middot]] are counted as the 13.<ref>Chazon Ovadyah (Yamim Noraim, p. 33), Yalkut Yosef [[tefilla]] volume 2 page 399. </ref>
# Regarding the recitation of the 13 Middot without a minyan, see below [[Chodesh_Elul#Selichot_Without_a_Minyan|Selichot Without a Minyan]]
====On Days with no Tachanun====
There are a number of situations where one would say Selichot while omitting the Vidui/[[Tachanun]] found at the end:

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