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==Other practices==
#Some pious individuals have the minhag of checking their [[Tefillin]] and [[Mezuzot]] during [[Elul]].<ref>Mateh Efraim 581:10 writes that as part of being introspective during [[Elul]], some pious individuals check their [[Tefillin]] and [[Mezuzot]] during [[Elul]]. He concludes that it is a good minhag. This is quoted by the Kitzur S”A 128:3, Chazon Ovadyah (p. 26), and Yalkut Yosef Moadim page 18. Also see Yechave Daat 1:49. It is noteworthy that S”A 39:10 rules that [[Tefillin]] that were established as being kosher do not have to be checked if they are used frequently. Additionally, S”A Y.D. 291:1 rules that [[Mezuzot]] should be checked twice every seven years. see also [ Daily Halacha by Rabbi Eli Mansour] and [ Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz ] </ref> {{Getting Married during Elul}} #There is no problem with making a wedding during [[Elul]].<ref>Sh"t Yechave Daat 1:48, Sdei Chemed Maarechet Chatan Vikalla Siman 23 </ref> However, it is preferable that a ben yeshiva should try to schedule it before [[elul]] so as not to disrupt the torah learning during [[elul]] when yeshivas usually re-open. But if he couldn't, there is no reason to push it off to after the yamim noraim <ref>Sh"t Yechave Daat 1:48 </ref> #The custom is that during [[Elul]], one who writes a letter should write a blessing to the recipient that he should be inscribed in the book of life, such as "lishana tova tichatevu vitichatemu." The same is true of email's or the like.<ref>Mateh Efraim 581:9, Eliya Rabba 581:1, Chazon Ovadia Yamim Noraim page 26. [ Rabbi Eli Mansour's Daily Halacha] adds that one should includes this in emails as well. </ref>
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