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==Whose Nedarim Can Be Annulled==
# Minors need not perform Hatarat Nedarim.<ref>Shearim Metzuyanim BeHalacha 128:24</ref>
# The common practice is that woman do not perform [[hatarat nedarim]] and rely on the Kol Nidrei said prior to [[Yom Kippur]]. A woman may appoint her husband to do Hatarat Nedarim on her behalf and it is effective, yet <ref>Shulchan Aruch Yoreh Deah 234:56</ref>.#Accordingly, some argue one shouldn't convene a bet din specially for this purpose.women to do Hatarat Nedarim,<ref>Rav Pealim 4 OC 34, Rav Schachter in a shiur entitled [ "Inyonei Rosh Hashana" (min 40-3) on], Halichot Shlomo (Rosh HaShana 1:10), Shoneh Halachot 581:20 fns pg 242 quotes Talmidim saying this Rav Elyashiv, Rav Rabbanan on the Shevet HaLevi page 404. see See also [ Rabbi Eli Mansour] who writes that although women are required to make Hatarat Nedarim, customarily a husband represents his wife when he stands before the Bet Din for Hatarat Nedarim. In fact, the text that we use explicitly mentions that one seeks absolution of his own vows as well as the vows of his wife. Furthermore, women customarily attend the Kol Nidreh service on Yom Kippur, which is also effective in annulling one’s vows.</ref> but there were communities where this was the custom.<ref>See Magen Avot (Orach Chaim 581:3)</ref>#For single girls in seminary, some say three men should be brought to convene a Beit Din for the entire seminary to do Hatarat Nedarim at once.<ref>Shoneh Halachot 581:20 fns pg 242 quotes Talmidim saying this Rav Elyashiv</ref>

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