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''Regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic, see [[Halachot_Related_to_Coronavirus#Taanit_Bechorot|Halachot_Related_to_CoronavirusHalachot Related to Coronavirus, Taanit_BechorotTaanit Bechorot]]''
# Many are lenient to join in a [[Siyum Masechet]] and to hear the end of the Masechet and the Siyum and then join for the Seudat Mitzvah and break the fast the rest of the day. <ref>Yalkut Yosef, 470:16, Mishna Brurah 470:10, Piskei Teshuvot 470:6, 8 based on Igrot Moshe 4:49, Maharsham 215, Ben Ish Chai Tzav 25, Kaf Hachayim 470:10 and Aruch HaShulchan 470:5</ref>
# Some say that it’s critical to understand the last piece of Gemara to join for the Siyum, however, the minhag is to be lenient in any circumstance. <Ref>Piskei Teshuvot 470:10 </ref> Some say that one only has to participate in some of the learning, maybe by hearing the rabbi speaks words of mussar. <ref> [ Rabbi Eli Mansour Dailyhalacha] </ref>

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