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# Some permit music at a meal for a [[Bar Mitzvah]] during the three weeks. <Ref> Sh"t Yachava Daat 6:34, Yalkut Yosef (Moadim, 5748 edition, pg 554), and Torat HaMoadim 5:4 permit music at a simchat [[Bar Mitzvah]] during the three weeks. However, Darkei Horah (Dinei Ben Hametsarim pg 17, by Rav Asher Weiss) and Natai Gavriel (Ben HaMetzarim chapter 16:3) forbid. Halichot Emet 7:12 writes that the sephardic minhag is to be lenient and ashkenazic minhag is to be strict. [ Halachically Speaking] writes that some are lenient. </ref>
===Sheva Berachot===
# Some say that at a sheva [[berachotSheva Berachot]] during the three weeks may not have dancing or music, <ref> Sh"t [[Shevet Halevi]] 3:157, Orchos Rabbeinu 2:page 128:9, Moadim Uzmanim 8:338. </ref> others permit dancing but no music, <ref> Rav Moshe Feinstein quoted in Moadei Yeshurun page 129:11, Rav Elyashiv quoted in Avnei Yushfei 1:113, Sh"t Mishna Halachot 6:109, Chazon Ovadia Taaniot page 153 </ref> and others permit both dancing and music. <ref> Lehoros Noson 10:49. </ref>  
===Tzedaka Banquet===
# One should be strict not to play music at a [[tzedaka]] banquet during the three weeks. <Ref> Sh”t Igrot Moshe O”C 166 permits all types of festivities of mitzvah and says that perhaps even a tzadeka banquet perhaps can be included. However, the Sh”t Igrot Moshe concludes that during the three weeks we are more strict regarding music and therefore there is almost nothing to rely on to play music at a [[tzedaka]] banquet. </ref>

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