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====Who Should Fast====
#There is a custom to fast on Erev Rosh HaShanah.<ref>Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim 582:2</ref>
# Where there is a [[Brit Milah ]] that day, one may eat.<ref>Rama, Orach Chaim 581:2</ref> Some are of the opinion that one can exempt himself with a siyum[[Siyum Masechet]]<ref>Orchot Rabbeinu Vol. 2, pg 172 in the name of the Steipler Gaon. Elef HaMagen S"K 77.</ref> or any other Seudat Mitzvah,<ref>Magen Avot (Lebhar, Orach Chaim 581:2</ref> as well.
#Some say that the minhag is that women do not fast on [[Erev Rosh Hashana]]. <ref>Mishna Brurah 581:16 writes that women also fast, but [ Rabbi Yissachar Dov Krakowski] says this isn't the custom. </ref>
====Accepting the Fast====
#One doesn't need to have to accept this fast upon himself during [[Mincha]] the day before. <ref>Mishna Brurah 581:16, [ Rabbi Yissachar Dov Krakowski]. This is also the ruling of [ Rabbi Eli Mansour] However, [] quotes Rav Elyashiv as saying that if you don't fast every year, you should accept it during [[mincha]] the day before. </ref>

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