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→‎Prayer: tachanun
==Why is Tu Be'Av a Holiday?==
# [[Tachanun]] is omitted on Tu BeAv.<ref>Orchot Chaim 7</ref>
# Some Ashkenazim omit "Lamnatzeach" on Tu Be'Av, while others do not.<ref>Chayei Adam (1:32:34) quotes both views.</ref>
# Beit Din cannot initiate a series of fasts on Tu BeAv, but if they began already, one would have to fast on Tu BeAv according to the letter of the law. Nowadays, this does not apply. If they instituted that one should abstain from meat at a certain interval and didn't realize it would coincide with Tu BeAv, one may eat meat if he has a seudat mitzvah on that day. An individual, however, who takes this upon himself, may not eat meat even on a seudat mitzvah.<ref>Chayei Adam 2-3:132:2</ref>

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