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# Once the time for Shacharit comes until one said Brachot HaShachar one may greet one’s friend with the word Shalom but rather with good morning. <Ref>S”A 89:2 </ref>
# If one went out of one’s way to greet one’s friend it’s forbidden even to say good morning even if one already said Brachot HaShachar. <Ref>S”A 89:2, Mishna Brurah 89:12, 14 </ref>
# If one met one’s friend in the market (in a happenstance way) one may greet him with good morning and not Shalom. <ref> S”A 89:2 writes that if one meets a friend in the market one may greet him with Shalom and some say that one should greet him with good morning. Mishna Brurah 89:13 writes that we hold like the second opinion. Mishna Brurah 89:10 writes that if one meets a person and there’s a fear that not greeting him will cause hate one may greet him with Shalom. </ref>
# This prohibition only applies to greeting someone but it’s permissible to respond to someone who greeted you. <Ref>Mishna Brurah 89:16 </ref>

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