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# In general, unmarried individuals should not wear [[Tefillin]] of Rabbenu Tam unless they know that they are capable of having pure thoughts for as long as they are wearing [[Tefillin]].<ref>Halacha Brurah 34:2. Chacham Ben-zion Abba Shaul Sh"t Or Letzion 2:13:11 also writes that Sephardim should only wear Rabbenu Tam [[Tefillin]] after [[marriage]]. Divrei Yatziv 42 and Mishneh Halachot 6:12 agree</ref> The custom of Chabad Chassidim is for every boy to wear them from the age of Bar Mitzvah, including the preparation time before his Bar Mitzvah.<ref>[ Shaarei Halacha uMinhag Orach Chaim 1:29], [ The Tefillin of Rabbeinu Tam]. See Likutei Sichos Purim 5736, Motza'ei Va'eira 5739, and Pekudei 5741.</ref>
# Some say that a person should wear Rabbenu Tam tefillin at least once in their life.<ref>Aruch Hashulchan 34:5 writes that since it is common to wear them in some places it isn't yuhara and praiseworthy is one who wears them. Iggerot Moshe OC 4:9 writes that since he had particular concerns of whether they were kosher he didn't wear Rabbenu Tam tefillin. Dirshu 34:24 cites Dinim Vhanhagot 3:15 of the Chazon Ish that he didn't wear Rabbenu Tam tefillin. However, the Chafetz Chaim and the Steipler (Meir Oz tefillin p. 481) held that a person should wear them once in his life.</ref>
# A mourner should wear Rabbenu Tam Tefillin even during Shiva. The same is true for everybody on [[Tisha bbe'Av]].<ref>Yalkut Yosef (Orach Chaim 34:10)</ref>
===How to Wear Rabbeinu Tam Tefillin===

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