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== A bow==
# A bow-knot, slipknot, or a single-knot isn’t a true Kesher-bind and is permissible even if it does remain in place for a while. <Ref> Shulchan Aruch (317:5) and implied by Rama (317:1), brought by the Yalkut Yosef (317:11) </ref> For example: a ribbon on a gift, a single bind on a shopping bag or garbage liner.
# After tying a bow knot (a bow on top of a single knot), as is common when tying one's shoes, one may not tie a second bow on top of the bow knot. <ref>39 Melachos (Rabbi Ribiat, vol 3, pg 798) </ref>
== A bow on top of a single knot==

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