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# It isn't respectful to say Adoshem to avoid using Hashem's name.<ref>Yechava Daat 3:13 quoting Yosef Ometz 349 and Taz 621:2</ref>
# Some say that one shouldn't say Elokim rather one should say Elohim since Elokim might be an inappropriate change from Hashem's name.<ref>Olot Yitzchak 2:74</ref>
# Some say that saying Yud Key Vav Key is a disgrace to Hashem's name, however, most disagree.<ref>Yabia Omer OC 9:12 cites Or Peni Yehoshua 5 who thinks that saying Yud Key Vav Key is a disagrace to Hashem's name since it is an alteration to the name. However, he writes that the poskim aren't concerned for his opinion as is evident from the Od Yosef Chay Vayechi n. 26.</ref> See the [[Leshem_Yichud#Reciting_Hashem.27s_Name]] page for more details.
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