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Added that Rav Reichman agreed with Rav Asher Weiss about Hallel pesach night (provided YUTorah source)
===Hallel Pesach Night===
#There is a custom of Sephardic and some Ashkenazic communities to recite Hallel Pesach night in Shul. However, being that the current situation demands that a person needs to remain inside there is no way to fulfill this minhag and should not recite Hallel after davening. Rather one should only recite it at the Seder.<ref>[ Rav Hershel Schachter (Piskei Corona #9)]</ref> Some Ashkenazic poskim would allow reciting a bracha.<ref>Rav Asher Weiss (Minchat Asher Corona p. 73-4) writes that a person who has the practice to recite the Hallel the night of the seder after davening can do so with a bracha even when davening individually. [ Rav Hershel Reichman], based on Rav Moshe Soloveichik (as quoted in Shiurim L'zecher Abba Mari Part I, Kuntres B'inyanei Kriat Shema, ft. 4), agreed.</ref>
#According to Sephardim, one should recite Hallel the night of the seder after davening with a bracha even though one is davening at home.<ref>Yachava Daat 5:34, Teshuva written by Rabbi Mordechai Lebhar author of Magen Avot (Erev Shabbat Hagadol 5780), Kaf Hachaim 487:38-42</ref>

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