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==Yaaleh Vyavo on Rosh Chodesh==
# One should say Yaaleh VeYavo during Retzeh of Shemona Esreh. <ref> S"A 422:1 </ref>
 ===At Arvit===# If one forgot, forgets Yaaleh VeYavo at maariv Mariv/Arvit once one finished the Bracha of Retzeh one doesn’t return to the Bracha or repeat Shemona Esreh. The same is true whether it's a one is the first or two second day of Rosh Chodesh . <Ref>Gemara Brachot 30b says that if one does not forgot Yaaleh VeYavo at Mariv/Arivt one shouldn’t repeat Shemona Esrehbecause the Bet Din doesn’t sanctify the moon during the night. The Gemara says that it doesn’t matter whether it’s the first or second day of Rosh Chodesh. <ref> S"A This is codified in Tur and S”A 422:1 . </ref>
# If one didn't say Yaaleh VeYacov in Shacharit or Mincha one must repeat Shemona Esreh. <ref> S"A 422:1 </ref>
# If one forgot altogether to say Yaaleh VeYavo in Maariv one doesn’t repeat Shemona Esreh. <ref> S”A 422:1 </ref>
# If one forgot to say Yaaleh VeYavo and remembered before Baruch Atta Hashem one should go back to Yaaleh VeYavo and continue from there. However if one remembers after Baruch Atta Hashem then one doesn’t go back. <Ref>Mishna Brurah 294:7, 422:2 </ref>
===Shacharit and Mincha===
# If one forgot Yaaleh VeYavo and remembers:
* before saying Baruch Atta Hashem one should return to Yaaleh VeYavo

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