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Add Rambam on Ripped Strings
##Rashi and Tosfot hold that two strings out of eighth are techelet. [ Rav Schachter ("Hilchos Tzitzis" beginning)] holds like Rashi and Tosfot and recommends all Ashkenazim to follow this method due to the plethora of sources advocating it (Baal haIttur, Tur, Shulchan Aruch, etc.).
##Rambam holds that one string out of eighth are techelet. Sefer Hachinuch, Maggid Meisharim, Mabit, Maharam Ibn Gabay, Sefer Charedim, Levush, Gra, Sefer Hakaneh, and Arizal agree with the Rambam. Radziner in Petil Techelet ch. 6 ends up following the Rambam but says one has what to rely upon to follow either of the other opinions. Ben Ish Chai (Noach n. 17) and in [ Od Yosef Chay (Vaera n. 3)] holds like the Rambam. [ Rav Yonatan Mazuz] agrees.
==If the Strings Ripped==
*According to the Rambam, if all white strings tore off up to the corner of the garment, and all that was left were techelet strings, the garment is still fit for use. <ref>Rambam, Hilchot Tzitzit 1:4 </ref>
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