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# The rabbis were concerned that if one were to move any item one would come to carry outdoors.<Ref>Rambam and Raavad ([[Shabbat]] 24:12), Bet Yosef (Intro to 308), Mishna Brurah (Intro to 308), Yalkut Yosef ([[Shabbat]] v. 2, p. 304) </ref>
==Ways of moving Moving Muktzeh==
===Moving Muktzeh Indirectly===
# If a [[Muktzeh]] item is on top of a non-[[Muktzeh]] item, it is permitted to move the [[Muktzeh]] indirectly (''tiltul min hasad'') if one’s intent is to use the non-[[Muktzeh]] item but not if one’s intent is to move the [[Muktzeh]]. This assumes that the non-[[Muktzeh]] item isn’t a [[Bosis]] and one can’t remove the [[Muktzeh]] by tilting. <Ref> In the Gemara ([[Shabbat]] 123a) Rav Nachman states that indirect movement of [[Muktzeh]] is permitted. On the other hand, the Gemara (43b) earlier states that everyone agrees indirect movement of [[Muktzeh]] is forbidden. Tosfot (43b s.v. DeKuleh) answer that indirect movement of [[Muktzeh]] is permitted if one’s purpose is to move the permitted item and a [[Muktzeh]] item is drawn along, but if one’s intent is to move the [[Muktzeh]] item, one may not do so even indirectly. The Rif 20b, Rambam ([[Shabbat]] 25:14), and Rosh 3:19 agree to this resolution. Tur and S”A 311:8 codify this as halacha.

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