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# Some hold that using the Internet is permissible, while some forbid it completely. Others permit the internet solely for business purposes under certain conditions with the use of filters. <ref>{{NoSource}}. [,_Issur_Yichud,_the_importance_of_filters_and_'Areivim',_fill_your_mind_with_Torah Rabbi Mordechai Willig in a shiur on (min 9-10)] stated that one should use a filter as much as possible to avoid seeing any inappropriate images. Additionally, he encouraged finding someone you can trust or joining a group who will monitor one's internet usage. The reason for these fences is simply because we are all human and normal people have desires and it requires great measures to protect ourselves.</ref># According to those who permit the internet, one may not use or browse sites that contain content forbidden by Jewish law such as pornography, immodesty, lewdness, etc.<ref>{{NoSource}}. See ['issur_Histaklus Rabbi Eli Pielet] regarding how must one must distance oneself from looking at immodest images. </ref>
==Arguments against a complete ban==

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