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===Attending Office Parties===
#Most hold one can go to office parties<ref name=":2">[ Rabbi J. David Bleich]</ref> (preferably only for business reasons, such as to receive a bonus, for example), but some say that one should not linger around if it's not necessary.<ref>[ Rabbi Hershel Schachter]</ref> <ref name=":3">[ Rabbi Doniel Neustadt]</ref> Some say one may not attend altogether.<ref>Shut Mishne Halachot 7:118</ref>
#All agree that one should not attend an office party that has a sign up sheet (or the like) as opposed to a formal invitation.<ref name=":2" />
#If there is no Avodah Zara present, attending office holiday parties generally has the same considerations as other office parties.<ref name=":3" />

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