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==Paying Taxes==
# It is prohibited to avoid paying taxes in a democracy such as the United States.<ref> Shu"t Igrot Moshe CM 2:29, Shu"t Shevet Halevi 2:58, [ Rav Hershel Schachter]. see there where Rav Schachter writes that taxes nowadays would not only be binding because of dina dimalchuta dina. Paying taxes is also your obligation to the partnership because taxes are used to provide services to the citizens (fire, police, military, garbage, mail etc). All the people of the city, state, country have to contribute to provide for that. Thus, one who withholds his taxes is not only taking from the government. He is taking from the other citizens, which inevitably includes other Jews. </ref>
# According to some poskim, patronizing a Jewish merchant who cheats on his taxes violates the Biblical prohibition of lifnei iver.<ref> [ Eli Clark] quoted from Rav Hershel Schachter </ref>

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