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#Dina D'Malchusa is determined based on how a law is enforced, not how it is written on the books<ref>[ Article by Rabbi Ari Wasserman] quoting from Rav Pinchas Scheinberg with regards to speeding. Speeding is forbidden under dina d'malchusa, but the definition of speeding is dependent on how it is enforced, not the posted speed limit. Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz quotes both sides of this discussion at 8:30 in this shiur <nowiki></nowiki></ref>
#We do not say Dina D'Malchusa when it contradicts the laws of the Torah.<ref>Shach C.M. 73:39. Rav Asher Weiss Minchas Asher 2:122 explains that this means we don't follow the dina d'malchusa when it contradicts with Torah values</ref>
==To Who Does it Apply==
==To Which Laws does it Apply==
==Where does it apply==
==Stealing from the Government==

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