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#There is a disagreement about whether it is permitted to borrow someone's ''sefer,'' but many modern poskim tend towards allowing people to borrow other's ''seforim'' without permission.<ref>Halachos of Other People's Money pg. 65, [ Rabbi Doniel Neustadt], Rav Aharon Lichtenstein quoted by [ Rabbi Chaim Jachter].
Although Rama 14:4 writes that it is forbidden to borrow somebody's book without their permission because it might tear while being used, Rabbi Bodner (Halachos of Other People's Money p. 65) writes that in our day and age when printed seforim are abundant and inexpensive, many poskim are lenient because the owner would probably not mind. see also [ Ten Minute Halacha: Borrowing a Sefer, Tallis or Tefillin Without Permission]by Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz.</ref>
== When the Owner Would Object: Common Sense Examples ==

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