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==Safek Safeka with Chezkat Isur==
# Some poskim disallow a safek safeka if it contradicts a chezkat isur,<ref>Shach 110:27, Taz 110:15</ref> while others permit it.<ref>Rama 110:9, Pri Chadash safek safeka 16. See Rashba teshuva 401</ref> Everyone agrees that a safek safek safeka works even if there's a chezkat isur.<ref>Shach 110:28</ref>
==Safek Safeka Lheter against a Safek Safeka Lisur==
# If there are three safekot to permit something and only two to forbid it it is still considered a safek safeka and it is permitted.<ref>Rama 96:4 since it might not be cut with a non-kosher knife and the food might not be charif and the knife was eino ben yomo. The knife being eino ben yomo itself is a safek safeka. </ref>

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