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##Ashkenazim are strict for the miyut tashmish of the utensil initially and not after the fact (Rama 451:6). If there’s no other options we can be lenient since the ikar hadin is that we follow rov tashmisho (Binat Tzvi p. 81; similar to Gra on S”A YD 108:8 that shaat hadachak is like bedieved).
###We can’t rely on rov tashmisho when there’s a beliya yadua (Binat Tzvi quoting Rav Elyashiv)
#### The Maharam Chalavah Pesachim 30b s.v. vhilchata writes that following the main use of a utensil is only effective if we’re unsure if the utensil was ever used for the other type and we’re allowed not to be concerned for an abnormal use. This is also the opinion of Tosfot Chullin 8a s.v. shlibna, Meiri Pesachim 30b s.v. hasakinim, and Raah cited by Nemukei Yosef Pesachim 30b. However, the Ran Chidushim Pesachim 30b s.v. vhilchata absolutely holds that we follow the majority of uses even though it is certain that it was used for the other type of use. Ramban Avoda Zara 76a s.v. umah sh’amru and Rashba a”z 76a s.v. vkatav agree. This is also implied by Rabbenu Dovid Pesachim 30b s.v. vhilchata. Kaf Hachaim 451:100 follows that approach and cites many who agree including: Sharei Kneset Hagedola 451:6, Pri Chadash, Olot Tamid, Eliya Rabba 451:17, Chok Yakov 451:31, Bet Dovid 212, Gan Hamelech 53, Erev Hashulchan 451:11, Chemed Moshe 451:12, and Shulchan Aruch Harav 451:31.
###We can’t rely on rov tashmisho to exclude spills because spills are common (Binat Tzvi)
####Proof is Mishna Brurah 451:34 who says that a tripod which you spill on needs libun even though rov tashmisho is to hold pots and asur even bedieved if you did hagalah!

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