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==Minhagim About Certain Foods==
# There is a Minhag to eat a hard boiled (or roasted) egg during Shulchan Orech. <ref>Rama 476:2 writes that there's a minhag to eat an egg at the [[Seder]]. He writes two reasons: 1. the first night of [[pesach]] falls out on the same night of the week as Tisha B’av. 2. To remember the destruction, that we no longer bring the korban [[pesach]]. Mishna Brurah 476:11 quotes the Gra (Maaseh Rav 187) that the egg has nothing to do with [[mourning]] but rather is to remember the korban chagiga which was brought along with the korban [[pesach]]. He adds therefore, that it should specifically be the egg from the seder plate which is there for that purpose. Maamar Mordechai 473:1 says to refrain from eating the egg from the seder plate, so that it remains full. see Beit halevi on Parashat Bo 12:42 for explanation of the [[mourning]]. Nitei Gavriel (vol 2, 95:1) writes that it's better to have a hard-boiled egg than a roasted one. see [ Ten Minute Halacha] by Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz for more on this subject </ref> This is the sephardic minhag as well. <ref> Yalkut Yosef English Edition pg. 262 writes that many sephardic Jews have the custom of eating the egg after [[Kiddush]] and reciting the boreh nifashot afterwards before eating [[Karpas]]. However, [ Dailyhalacha] by Rabbi Eli Mansour says that the Syrian custom is like the Rama. Rav Ovadia's son-in-law, [ Rav Aharon Botbol (first ten minutes)], tells how eating it after Kadesh is a uniquely Baghdadi custom recorded by the Ben Ish Chai. Other communities were actually auite careful not to eat anything other than Karpas, Matzah, and Maror until Shulchan Orech. </ref> This applies during the second seder as well. <ref> Mishna Brurah 473:13. </ref> However, since this is just a custom and not an obligation, one should be careful to leave room so that he has an appetite for the afikoman which is an important obligation. <ref> Mishna Brurah 476:13 from Chayei Adam 130:9. Iggerot Moshe OC 1:156 that this is a warning for those who would eat more than one egg </ref>  
# There's a Minhag to eat fish at the [[Seder]] like other [[Yom tov|Yamim Tovim]].<Ref>Nitei Gavriel (vol 2, 95:12) </ref>

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