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==Amount to Drink==
# See the [[Required Amount of Matzah and Wine for the Seder]] page. # If someone spilled the cup before the bracha he should refill it so that it is full for the bracha. If he spilled after the bracha according to Ashkenazim he doesn't need to recite a new bracha since he can refill it with wine on the table that was in front of him and was in his mind.<ref>Kovetz Teshuvot Vpesakim Chodesh Nissan p. 72</ref> Some say that if the cup spilled one didn't fulfill the mitzvah and one needs to redo it. For example, if the cup spilled after the entire maggid he should refill it and repeat the maggid.<ref>Nefesh Harav p. 186 quoting Rav Moshe Soloveitchik as holding that the four cups were established as a way of having the haggadah recited over a cup of wine and if the wine spilled one doesn't fulfill that obligation.</ref># Everyone at the seder should pick up the cup of Birkat Hamazon during birkat hamazon.<ref>Chazon Ovadia v. 2 p. 182, Nitai Gavriel 99:9. Chazon Ovadia explains that since it is a mitzvah for everyone to drink it is considered birkat hamazon over a cup of wine for everyone.</ref> Some say that it is sufficient if the one making the zimmun picks up his cup.<ref>Chazon Ovadia citing Shiurei Tahara 80:16</ref> 
==Obligation to Lean==
# One must lean while drinking the four cups of wine. If for any of the cups one did not, according to Sephardim, one should drink the cup again. <ref> Shulchan Aruch 472:7, Yalkut Yosef 472:13 </ref> According to Ashkenazim, only for the second cup should one drink the cup again. <ref> Rama 472:7 writes that if one forgets to lean, he must only repeat for the first two cups. Mishna Brurah (472:21) notes that in general one should not repeat the first cup because doing so will require one to make another berakhah. Preferably, one should have in mind that one may drink in between the first and second cup and then if one drinks the first cup without leaning, one would be able to drink it again without a berakhah. </ref>

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