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→‎Kitzur Piskei HaRosh: chazeh hatenufah
# The Kitzur Piskei HaRosh were written by the Tur.<ref>Shem HaGedolim (Gedolim, Yud 208)</ref> When they contradict the Tur itself, the latter should be followed, as it was written later.<ref>Yad Malachi (Klalei HaTur 21)</ref>
# In Kitzur Piskei HaRosh, the Tur writes no more than the explicit point of the Rosh.<ref>Yad Malachi (Klalei HaTur 22)</ref>
# It was also printed as a separate Sefer called "Chazeh HaTenufah."<ref>Shem HaGedolim (Sefarim, Chet 40)</ref>
== Misc. ==
# When referring to the [[Rambam]], the Tur is exclusively referring to Mishneh Torah, as Perush HaMishnah was not available to him. <ref>Yad Malachi (Klalei HaTur 26), Matnat Yado fn. 87</ref>

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