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# The one making the bracha must have intent to fulfill the obligation of the one listening and the one listening to the bracha must have intent to fulfill his obligation through listening. <Ref> Mishna Brurah 213:5, 18 </ref>
# Listening to someone's bracha with Shomea Konah isn't permitted in front of ervah since one couldn't possibly have said it oneself.<ref>Mishna Brurah 75:29</ref>
===Brov Am Hadrat Melech===
# It is preferable to have multiple listen to one bracha rather than have everyone say it themselves because of the principle of '''Brov Am Hadrat Melech''', Hashem is honored with a greater multitude of people. This concept trumps the idea of Mtizvah Bo Yoter Mebeshelucho.<ref>Mishna Brurah 213:3</ref> Although it is possible for each individual to recite their own bracha and everyone have negative kavana and then to recite it themselves, it is better to say the bracha together.<ref>Maharashdam OC 1 writes that although it is possible to have negative kavana and a person should have to recite their own bracha it isn't a proper practice since it increases the amount of brachot made and it is preferable to minimize those. See also Mabit 1:117.</ref>
==Brachot on Food==

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