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# R' Bechaye ben Asher was a student of the [[Rashba]] and author of the well known commentary on the Torah.<ref>Shem HaGedolim (Gedolim, Bet 2)</ref>
They both lived in Zaragoza, but the latter was born two centuries after the former.<ref>See the relevant Wikipedia articles.</ref>
There were two Rishonim known as the "Tashbetz"
# The [[Rashbetz]]'s Sefer, Teshuvot Shimon ben Tzemach - [[Tashbetz]]
# Tashbetz Kattan, written by Rav Shimshon ben Tzadok, a Talmid of [[Maharam MiRotenberg]], based on his rebbe's teachings while incarcerated.<ref>Shem HaGedlim (Gedolim, Shin 187)</ref>

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