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#If a doorway only has one doorpost, such as if the lintel is connected to a wall, then if the standing doorpost is on the right, one should put up a mezuzah without a bracha or recite a bracha when putting up a mezuzah in a doorway that is obligated and then put up this mezuzah. If the standing doorpost is on the left, that doorway isn't obligated in a mezuzah.<ref>The Shulchan Aruch YD 287;1 writes that a doorway is only obligated in a mezuzah if it has two doorposts and a lintel. Shach 287:1 quotes the Rosh and Rabbeny Yerucham who are strict if there's one doorpost on the right side and concludes that one should put up a mezuzah in such a case without a bracha. Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 11:11, Yalkut Yosef Sovah Semachot p. 546 no. 19, and HaMezuzah VeHilchoteha 10:4agree.</ref>[[Image:has-mashkof.png|200px|left]][[Image:no-mashkof.png|200px|right]]# A regular doorway has two doorposts and a lintel (see the picture to the left). If the doorway has two doorposts and there is no lintel but the area has a roof (see the picture to the right), if the roof comes to an edge at the point of the door some say that one should put up a mezuzah, while others hold that doesn't require a mezuzah. Therefore, a mezuzah should be put up without a bracha.<ref>Shulchan Aruch YD 287:1 implies that a roof isn't a lintel, they're two separate requirements for a mezuzah. Accordingly, the Chazon Ish YD 172:3 s.v. mah writes that if the lintel doesn't extend downward to block part of the opening it isn't considered a lintel but just part of the roof. Shevet Halevi 2:150 agrees and proves this from Rashi Menachot 33b s.v. achsadra. * However, the [ Mikdash Me'at 287:1:5] suggests that perhaps a roof can function as a lintel. Also, the Chovat Hadar 7:5 fnt. 8 equates the issue with that of having the edge of a roof function as a lintel to the opinion of the Rosh who holds that the edge of a wall can function as a doorpost. The Netivot in [ Derech Hachaim Siddur 239:1] also holds that a roof can serve as a lintel. Minchat Yitzchak 10:91 explains that a roof doesn't function as a lintel but if the roof has an edge where the door is according to some opinions it functions as a lintel. Yet, if the roof extends beyond the door in both directions it doesn't function as a lintel. He compares it to the Machloket Rama 630:2 and Magen Avraham 630:2 if there's doorposts and no lintel if that can serve as a tzurat hapetach. He admits that it seems not to be a proof though from further analysis. * Adoney Paz 2:121:1 sides with the Chazon Ish though he recommends being strict for all opinions to put up a mezuzah without a bracha. Mezuzah Vehilchoteha 10:3 concurs.</ref>
#A roofed porch that has 4 amot by 4 amot of space leading up to a house is obligated in a mezuzah with a bracha. (If the area it surrounds is 16 square amah, one should put up a mezuzah without a bracha.)<ref>HaMezuzah VeHilchoteha 3:10</ref>

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