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==Communication on Shabbat==
# It is forbidden to initiate a phone call on Shabbat.<ref>See [[#Phones]] above.</ref># Pressing a button on a phone on Shabbat is forbidden. <ref>See [[#Phones]] above.</ref># Similarly, even if a phone call is already placed and in process it is forbidden to speak into the phone on Shabbat. <ref>See [[#Phones]] above.</ref># It is forbidden to read text messages on Shabbat.<ref>Aseh Lecha Rav 1:35:4</ref># It is forbidden to send text messages on Shabbat.<ref>See [[#Phones]] and [[#The Shabbos App]]. Aseh Lecha Rav 1:35:4</ref>
# It is forbidden to watch TV on Shabbat.<ref>
* Aseh Lecha Rav 1:32 35 writes that it is forbidden to have a Television on during Shabbat even with a timer. He offers several reasons. 1) There's a marit ayin that you turned it on during Shabbat. 2) Listening to music on Shabbat is forbidden even if was set up before Shabbat lest a person come to fix the instrument (Aruch Hashulchan 338:5). 3) Avsha Milta and Uvda Dchol: Causing a noise to occur as a result of a melacha that happens automatically is forbidden as it desecrates Shabbat (Rama 252:5). 4) Daber Daver: It is forbidden to speak or listen to mundane words on Shabbat (Gemara Shabbat 113a, Shulchan Aruch 307:1).
* [ Rav Yitzchak Yosef (Motzei Shabbat Parshat Chukat 5778 end)] explained that he never wrote that it is completely forbidden for a Sephardi to watch TV on Shabbat because Shulchan Aruch doesn't subscribe to the prohibition of Avsha Milta. However, he wrote that it is inappropriate and is forbidden because of the "fifth Shulchan Aruch," as he termed it, policies of the Gedolei Hador.</ref>

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